REVIEW: Mikkeller American Dream

American Dream
Copenhagen, Denmark

I recently went to Copenhagen with my girlfriend for a long weekend. A week or so after we got back she said, “The reason you suggested to visit Copenhagen wasn’t just for the beer, was it?” After dragging her to Warpigs, Mikkeller & Friends and the original Mikkeller bar in Vesterbro. Now, I’d always wanted to visit Copenhagen and the added incentive of drinking lots of Mikkeller definitely did persuade me to make the trip.

Most people will unfortunately associate Denmark with Carlsberg/Tuborg but when I think of Denmark I think of Mikkell Borg Bjergsø and his gypsy brewery Mikkeller founded in 2006. We stayed in the Vesterbro area of Copenhagen and luckily for us had a shop at the bottom of our street selling 50 varieties of Mikkeller. If you’re ever in Copenhagen do visit Kihøsk for a huge selection of craft beer from around the world.

American Dream was the first beer I tried whilst in Copenhagen, from the aforementioned shop. It was also the first beer I saw in a pub called Fermentoren. When I got back to London I found myself craving Mikkeller and thanks to Clapton Craft I was able to get a fix of American Dream by Mikkeller.

It was billed as a American pale in Fermentoren. It pours a really golden colour and has a strong citrus smell. To me it is a lovely blend of a hoppy lager, like a Camden Hells and a good Pilsner. I’m not a huge lager or even Pilsner fan but American Dream is an excellent example of how to make a lager interesting. It’s crisp, bitter and really refreshing. Luckily for us, it is one of few beers that you’d class as in Mikkeller’s core range, so it is readily available in BottleDog, Clapton Craft etc.



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