REVIEW: Day of the Dead Beer IPA

Mexican flagDay of the Dead Beer
Tecate, Mexico

DOD Beer
Cerveceria Mexicana is third largest brewery located in Mexico and Day of The Dead Beer is their craft beer arm. The brewery has a wide range of craft beers from Pale to Porter and to this very lovely DOA IPA.

When it comes to Mexican beer, I don’t know a lot. I do know of Modelo and Corona, that drink that people drink stuffed with a lime in the bottle neck. So I suspect Corona to be the drink of choice in Mexico. Perfect for really, really hot days. You know what else is great for a hot day? An IPA. This Day of the Dead Beer DOA IPA is a strong 6.8% and has a decent aroma of bitter and sweet.

The taste is very hoppy. It’s obvious that there’s some great American hops used here, including Cascade and Centennial. It isn’t as fruity as most IPAs and the overwhelming taste is of bitterness. It’s a decent IPA and certainly a lot better than a Corona but there’s most definitely better IPAs out there. Still, it’s enjoyable and a beer I’d drink again.



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