REVIEW: Rule of Thirds IPA

Siren / Magic Rock Brewery / Beavertown
Rule of Thirds IPA
Reading, Huddersfield, London, UK

Magic RockWhat do you get when you mix three ridiculously great breweries and their three IPAs? Rule of Thirds IPA is what. A collaborative brew that spreads the breadth of the country. The idea of mixing three IPAs from three of the best brewing companies in the UK is a beautiful thing.

Rule of Thirds is 33.3% Soundwave by Siren, 33.3% Cannonball by Magic Rock and 33.3% Gamma Ray by Beavertown. I’ve tried all of them on their own and would rank them pretty high in my all-time favourite IPAs so what happens when you mix all three? You get a lot of hops that’s for sure! It’s a beautiful hazy amber colour and the aroma is strong of hops.

The taste is as you expected, really great. It has a sweetness on the first sip but there’s that bitterness you’d expect from an IPA that hits in. All of the usual characteristics are there too, so floral notes and citrus. It is very tropical. So mangoes, pineapple and all of those lovely yellow fruits in beer form. Sound great? It is. I think I prefer Cannonball, Soundwave and Gamma Ray on their own compared to this collaborative brew. But as I mentioned at the beginning, those three beers rank very highly in my favourite IPAs. That said, it is still a really great beer and I’m happy it exists.

OVERALL: 3.5/5


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