REVIEW: Left Hand Brewing Company 400 Pound Monkey IPA

Left Hand Brewing Company
400 Pound Monkey IPA
Colorado, USA

Left Hand
Left Hand Brewing Company all started when Dick Doore (really) started homebrewing after he had received a kit as a present from his brother. He said, “it was all downhill from there.” In 1993 alongside college pal Eric Wallace they founded Left Hand Brewing Company and the rest is history. In their history Left Hand Brewing Company has won multiple awards and continued to push the boundaries when it comes to craft beer.

I’ve been wanting to discover more about Left Hand Brewing Company and their beers for a long time. I thought what better way than to begin with an IPA, my favourite beer style. So I picked up a bottle of the wonderfully named 400 Pound Monkey from Beer Hawk following a leaving voucher given to me from my employer (cheers Greenlight Digital). It pours an absolutely wonderful glowing hazy and luscious orange colour.

Now, I should point out that my enjoyment of this beer may be somewhat swayed by the fact I opened it on one of the hottest days of 2015. It’s possible anything I drunk that day which was cold would’ve tasted, great. Ignoring that, 400 Pound Monkey has all of the great things I love about an IPA. It has that sweet fruity flavour and course it has HOPS. All of the hops you could want. It includes three hops I’ve never heard of, they are Magnum, Boadicea and Sovereign. They are incredibly tasty and the main thing I get is a sweet caramel flavour. It’s a very drinkable IPA but definitely not my favourite from the other side of the pond.

OVERALL: 3.5/5


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