REVIEW: Wiper and True Kiwi Lilt

Wiper and True
Kiwi Lilt
Bristol, UK

Wiper and True

The Bristol beer scene is really blossoming at the moment with Bristol Beer Factory, Arbor Ales and Moor Beer Company being three of my favourite in the UK. Wiper and True are a relatively new brewery who started off like many do, home brewing using whatever equipment they had. As much as they pay homage to breweries gone before them they are very keen on experimenting and “playing” with beer types.

I picked up a bottle of Kiwi Lilt based on name alone. Anything that has lilt in the name is always going to be great, right? Lilt still remains one of the most underrated of the soft drinks out there. Anyway, on to the beer, Kiwi Lilt is a New Zealand inspired pale ale that showcases the best hops from NZ making it a tropical, fruity and floral flavour.

The aroma is incredibly strong, with pungent hop smells. It smells more like an IPA but definitely has the taste of a fantastic well balanced pale ale. Wiper and True have burst onto the beer scene thanks to rave reviews at the 2015 London Craft Beer Festival and with beers like Kiwi Lilt it isn’t a surprise that the brewery is appearing in more shops and pubs across the UK. The Kiwi Lilt is a thoroughly enjoyable pale ale and one I will definitely return back to!



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