REVIEW: Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi IPA

Ska Brewing
Modus Hoperandi IPA
Durango, Colorado, USA

Ska Brewing
Having tried Ska Brewing a few times on draught in some fine London pub’s I was very keen to pick up a couple of cans by the Colorado brewery. Founded in 1995 and inspired by mod, ska and pop culture the beers are high in hops and flavour. Perfect, right?

What’s not to love about a brewery inspired by pop culture and ska music? Especially when they brew beers with intense hop flavours. Their Modus Hoperandi IPA is one of the finest IPAs you’ll drink. It has everything you want from an IPA. The colour is a glowing orange and smells incredibly sweet. This American IPA is a hard hitter at 6.8% and 88 IBUs.

A lot of things impress me about Modus Hoperandi. However, the two things that come to mind most are how easy to drink this beer is at 6.8% (definitely a good thing) but secondly how lovely and smooth the finish is. It is the type of beer you really treasure! By that I mean it is a beer that really makes me wonder what I did before craft beer? But also questions people who drink “shit beer” when there’s beers like this out there! Cheers Ska Brewing, you’ve made a fine IPA.



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