REVIEW: Partizan Brewing Pretty Pale Ale

Partizan Brewing
Pretty Pale Ale
Bermondsey, London, UK

I’ve been down to the Partizan Brewery three times now and every time I’m in awe of the quality of production by the Bermondsey brewery. Everything they do is great. I particularly love their use of American hops and I think their pale ales are some of the best in the UK (possibly the world).

Much like Danish counterparts Mikkeller and local pals The Kernel, Partizan brew a variety of different pale ales using all types of American hops and methods of making the pale ale. This particular pale ale is called ‘Pretty Pale Ale’ and uses Mosaic (my favourite), Casscade and Chinook. The beer has a fantastic glowing orange colour with a lovely one finger head on top of the beer.

The smell is luscious with a really sweet smell coming through. It is fruity, tasty and you can really tell American hops have been used. Based on the colour, smell and taste you’d probably mistake it for an IPA. They’ve managed to create a 4.5% (low-ish ABV) beer that has all of the elements I love about strong IPAs, genius! Partizan Brewing don’t get enough love on my blog but in terms of breweries making IPAs and pale ales, they’re possibly the best (ALONGSIDE PRESSURE DROP) London has to offer. And that’s a bold statement.



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