REVIEW: Harbour Brewing Co Session IPA

Harbour Brewing Co 
Session IPA
Cornwall, UK
Harbour Brewing Co

I remember the first time I sampled a Harbour Brewing beer, it was in the trusty Old Fountain tucked away near the Old Street roundabout. The God’s honest truth? I purchased a pale ale on cask because it was the cheapest beer I could get at a decent ABV (6%). That first sip was a beautiful moment. As you’d expect I was back for more after that.

Then that was it. I hadn’t seen a Harbour beer for a long time and until recently when the brewery based in North Cornwall started canning beers! I’ll admit to being sceptical about craft cans but I’m completely won over. Mostly because it means I can sample more Harbour beers from my living room. This beer is a lovely Session IPA that pours an amber colour. The smell is fruity, spicy and really reminds me of cardamom.

The flavour is an overwhelming taste of caramel and there’s definitely a floral taste to it. It’s a really good session IPA. If you’re expecting a hoppy burst, then think again. The taste is more of malts then hops. The beer is creamy and is an interesting session IPA. I’m really excited to sample more Harbour beers in can form based on this!



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