REVIEW: Wild Beer Madness IPA

The Wild Beer Co
Madness IPA
Somerset, UK
Wild Beer Co

Moor Beer, Bristol Beer Factory, Harbour Brewing. These are just a few of the best breweries from the South West of England. But The Wild Beer Co are up there with one of the best breweries in the UK, let alone the South West. The last beer I tried by Wild Beer included an ingredient that was “live” and changed the taste of the beer as it went on. They’re a brewery that likes to change the rules of brewing and do things a bit differently.

Since that beer, which was called Evolver and was bloody awesome I’ve not really gone back to Wild Beer. Not really on purpose, just the way it has happened! Wild Beer have been making some fantastic beers of late and  recently collaborated with Beavertown. They’ve also canned three of their beers including Bibble, Fresh and Madness. Madness is a West Coast inspired IPA that has a wonderful orange glowing appearance.

The aroma is hoppy as hell and is a beautiful smell. This is a beer clearly inspired by hard-hitting American IPAs like Sierra Nevada, Founders, Odell, Stone etc. The story goes that Brett from the brewery couldn’t believe there wasn’t any West Coast IPAs available in the UK. Thanks to him and many others, there’s now loads of them! Madness IPA hits you hard with hops and tropical flavours. It’s an awesome creation and one you can’t even believe is made on these shores! It could easily be an American beer. I think that’s a huge testament to the guys at Wild Beer who have made an American inspired, incredibly enjoyable IPA. Pretty flawless.



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