REVIEW: Moor Confidence

Moor Beer Co
Somerset, UK

Ahh The Old Fountain. So many nights spent in the glorious pub sandwiched between Old Street, Angel and Shoreditch. It was in The Old Fountain my love affair with Moor began. It was the Nor’Hop. Then it was the So’Hop in the Holborn Whippet and then in my new job the Confidence in The Queen’s Head near Kings Cross Station. Most recently I’ve been drinking Moor Beer in the Euston Tap. Every beer exceptional.

This is a brewery that puts so much effort into the quality of the beers. I was reading recently that they’ve made a conscious effort to can their beers in a certain way to retain the freshness and quality. I have never ever had a bad beer by this brewery. It is a brewery I trust. Both in terms of values and output. A long time ago (before the cans launched) I picked up a Confidence from Clapton Craft, in a whopping 660ml bottle and whilst cooking up sausage and mash on a Sunday evening I decided it was time.

This is a beautiful, beautiful beer. A red or amber ale depending on who you talk to. I think for me it is a red ale. Akin to Yakima Red by Meantime or Hook Island Red by Five Points. It is a red hoppy beer with a lovely white froth when you pour. It’s a classic autumn/winter beer with hits of caramel, malts and bitterness. But no great red ale is without its hops. Confidence has a fine balance between hops and malts. This is a very drinkable beer and one of the finest in its genre.



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