REVIEW: Magic Rock Cannonball

Magic Rock Brewing
Huddersfield, UK
Magic Rock

Magic Rock are a brewery I have followed closely for as long as I’ve been obsessed with craft beer. My very first Magic Rock experience was in The Southampton Arms in Kentish Town when I had several pints of Rapture, for something like £3.40 a pint. Ridiculously tasty and moreish I then looked out for the Huddersfield based brewery any time I was in a pub. Working near the Euston Tap and The Queen’s Head in Kings Cross enabled me to continue my love affair with Magic Rock.

A couple of years ago in summer I vividly remember falling in love with their IPA, named Cannonball sat on the grass behind the Euston Tap. Fast forward a few years and to be drinking a CAN-onball (see what I did there?) in my flat is a great feeling. There’s a select few beers that when I drink I want to immediately order a second. Other beers in this ilk: Gamma Ray by Beavertown, Bosko by Pressure Drop, IHL by Camden Hells and so on. Cannonball is the perfect IPA!

It contains the absolute right amount of sweetness, bitterness and hops that you’d ever want from a beer. The flavour is of tropical fruits and it’s incredibly moreish! A beer t hat you could drink gallons of, well if it was’t 7.4% anyway! A top, top beer by one of the best breweries in the world, in my opinion.

OVERALL: 4.5/5


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