REVIEW: Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout

Bristol Beer Factory
Milk Stout
Bristol, UK

Bristol Beer Factory have been producing some fantastic beers for a while. I’ve been lucky enough to try many variants of their beer on cask in pubs across London but recently picked up a bottle of their Milk Stout from Clapton Craft and was massively looking forward to trying it.

The idea of a milk flavoured beer excites me a lot. Seeing as my Facebook description since I set it up 10 years ago is, “I love milk more than anything” the prospect of a beer with milk is a joyous idea. Of course actually this Milk Stout by Bristol Beer Factory does not contain any milk. I stress the importance this mostly as my girlfriend is lactose free and I shared the beer with her. Like all good stouts this beer pours incredibly dark in colour and has that rich, thick consistency you’d expect from a stout. The aroma is a beautiful sweet coffee smell.

This milk stout by Bristol Beer Factory is incredibly smooth, creamy and actually very milky, despite there being no milk. Although like most stouts there is a bitterness the overriding taste is sweet and of both milk and caramel in equal measures. It is a lovely stout and just continues to heighten my opinion of the brewery.

OVERALL: 3.5/5


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