REVIEW: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
Celebration Ale
California, USA


Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is one of the finest breweries in the world. When I was first getting into beer discovering Sierra Nevada was somewhat life changing. The brewery has been going since 1980 and every year they produce a Celebration Ale, a 6% IPA.

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REVIEW: BrewDog Santa Paws

Santa Paws
Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

I’ve waxed lyrical about BrewDog on this blog many times before for coming up with innovative beers and their fresh attitude to brewing and beer. Beer aside, BrewDog also has a great sense of humour and regularly come up with humours beers that also taste good. When I spotted Santa Paws, a Christmas Scotch ale I knew I had to try it.
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REVIEW: Penpont Brewery Monk’s Brew 1127

Penpont Brewery
Monk’s Brew 1127
Cornwall, UK

When I was in my teens the “standard” present at Christmas was either a selection box of chocolates or socks, however these days it has become custom for my family and friends to buy me beers. Usually, it is the “real ale” they can find me from supermarkets like Speckled Hen etc. However, my sister got me four beers from, who deliver craft beers to your door. Pretty rad.
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REVIEW: Dark Star Brewery Sunburst

Dark Star Brewery
West Sussex, UK
Dark Star Brewery 
is based in West Sussex and was founded in 1994 by entrepreneur Peter Halliday, publican Peter Skinner, and brewer Rob Jones. The name of the brewery comes from a Grateful Dead song of the same name and originally started out in the cellar of a pub in Brighton called The Evening Star. I’ve been lucky enough to try various Dark Star beers on tap in some lovely pubs in London including such fine ales as Hophead, Dark Star Original and their American Pale Ale, which is my favourite.

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REVIEW: Meantime London Pale Ale

Meantime Brewing Company
London Pale Ale
London, UK

To me when I think of successful craft beers and micro breweries none stands out more so than the Meantime Brewing Company. Founded back in 2000 by Alastair Hook it has become one of the most recognisable and well respected breweries in the world, let alone the UK. It has won several awards for its beer and has set the standards over the past 13 years for producing some of the best ale in the world.
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REVIEW: Anchor Brewery Christmas Ale

Anchor Brewery Christmas Ale
Anchor Brewing Company

San Francisco, California, USA

Anchor Brewery create some fantastic beer and have been around since 1896. Their ‘standard’ lager which I sampled in London’s best burger joint Honest Burgers reminds me a bit of Sierra Nevada. Every year Anchor Brewery produce a special one off Christmas ale that is different every year. To get in the Christmas spirit I picked one up to sample.
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