REVIEW: Malmesbury Killer Cat Circus IPA

Malmesbury Brewing
Killer Cat Circus IPA
Wiltshire, UK

Malmesbury Brewing has been in existence since around 2012 and they’re based in the south west in lovely Wiltshire. They set up Killer Cat, a subsidiary of the main brewery shortly after and the beers are slightly different from the main Malmesbury Brewing. I received this IPA from Beer52 who have provided me a month service and if you head over to and use KEGTODIFFER10 you’ll receive £10 off your first box. It’s a great service.
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REVIEW: Signature Brew American Pale Ale

Signature Brew
American Pale Ale
Leyton, London, UK

Signature Brew
Signature Brew combine two things, music and beer. A brewery after my own heart. I’ve previously had a few of their musician collaboration brews including one with the lead singer from The Hold Steady. The brewery was founded in 2012 by Sam, Tom and Dave. This beer was sent to me by Beer52 and you can get beers like Signature Brew, plus many others by visiting their site and using KEGTODIFFER10 as you’ll get £10 off.
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