REVIEW: Pressure Drop & BrewDog Syd Strong’s

Pressure Drop & BrewDog
Syd Strong’s
Hackney, England & Aberdeen, Scotland

Pressure Drop
When two of your favourite breweries decide to put their heads together and make a collaborative brew it’s a pretty exciting prospect. I saw Instagram photos a few months back of the BrewDog and Pressure Drop team getting together to make Syd Strong’s as part of CollabFest 2014 and here it is.
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REVIEW: BrewDog Hoppy Christmas

Hoppy Christmas
Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

I recently did a review of BrewDog’s Christmas ale, Santa Paws here and although I loved the pun I wasn’t so sure about the beer itself. This time it was the tun of Hoppy Christmas, which I love just on name alone. How would I get on with BrewDog’s second festive beer?
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REVIEW: BrewDog Santa Paws

Santa Paws
Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

I’ve waxed lyrical about BrewDog on this blog many times before for coming up with innovative beers and their fresh attitude to brewing and beer. Beer aside, BrewDog also has a great sense of humour and regularly come up with humours beers that also taste good. When I spotted Santa Paws, a Christmas Scotch ale I knew I had to try it.
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REVIEW: BrewDog Magic Rock Stone Brewing Co Magic Stone Dog

us-uk-flagBrewDog / Magic Rock / Stone Brewing Co
Magic Stone Dog
Aberdeen, Scotland / Huddersfield, England / California, USA

Magic Rock

Stone Brewery
Collaboration beers are pretty exciting especially when it involves my favourite UK brewery Magic Rock and stalwarts of the craft brewery scene BrewDog and Stone Brewing Co. Magic Stone Dog is a saison pale ale hybrid beer by three of the best and biggest breweries in the world.

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REVIEW: BrewDog Hello My Name Is Vladimir

Hello My Name Is Vladimir
Aberdeen, Scotland

Back in February 2014 BrewDog produced this double IPA, named Hello My Name Is Vladimir in protest against Putin’s anti-gay laws and even sent him a crate of it. As a result the brewery managed to get featured by various reputable news sources like the BBC, the guardian and The Independent for their sarcastic creation.
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