REVIEW: Firebrand Graffiti IPA

Firebrand Brewing Co
Graffiti IPA
Cornwall, UK

As I’ve previously mentioned a couple of times Beer52 sent me a box of beers to trial their excellent service. If you would like to receive 8 beers in a box to your door every month then make sure you head over to Beer52 and with KEGTODIFFER10 you’ll get £10 off. Included in my box was Cornwall microbrewery Firebrand Brewing Co and their Graffiti IPA.
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REVIEW: Penpont Brewery Monk’s Brew 1127

Penpont Brewery
Monk’s Brew 1127
Cornwall, UK

When I was in my teens the “standard” present at Christmas was either a selection box of chocolates or socks, however these days it has become custom for my family and friends to buy me beers. Usually, it is the “real ale” they can find me from supermarkets like Speckled Hen etc. However, my sister got me four beers from, who deliver craft beers to your door. Pretty rad.
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REVIEW: Doom Bar

Doom Bar
Sharp’s Brewery
Cornwall, UK

I’ve drunk litres of Doom Bar. In fact I often rate a pub highly if they have Doom Bar on draught. I could write a separate post about how sick I am of the options on some pubs and when the only “ale” to drink is John Smith’s or Greene King. However, if I spot the Doom Bar logo I can drink five or six pints with ease.
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