REVIEW: Septem Microbrewery Thursday’s

Septem Microbrewery
Thursday’s Red Ale
Athens, Greece


Another beer sent to me via Beer52 and their monthly craft-beer magazine style subscription service. This time a beer from Greece, from the Septem Microbrewery in the Athens area. I was a big fan of Santorini Brewing Company Red Donkey, also from Greece and you see my thoughts here. But how would this fellow Greek beer compare?

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REVIEW: Tiny Rebel Brewing Cwtch

Tiny Rebel Brewing
Newport, Wales, UK
Tiny Rebel
Months ago I visited my best pal who relocated to Birmingham and tried 2/3 different beers by Tiny Rebel Brewing. From that moment on I was hooked on Tiny Rebel Brewing and Cwtch. Since then I’ve tried to find it various pubs and bottle shops across the UK. I’ve failed every time. However, recently Beer52 asked me to trial their beer delivery service. There are several companies doing craft beer “subscription” services and I’ve heard bad things from each one. However, Beer52 is excellent and for ¬£24 a month you get 8 different amazing craft beers a month.
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REVIEW: Tiny Rebel The Full Nelson

Tiny Rebel Brewing Co
The Full Nelson
Newport, Wales, UK
Tiny Rebel
Tiny Rebel Brewing Co are a fairly new craft brewery producing some fine interesting beers from Newport in Wales. It all started with home brewing back in 2008 by Brad and Gazz and then in 2012 launched. There is now a lovely Tiny Rebel tap room in called Urban Tap House in Cardiff, so make sure you check that out.

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