REVIEW: Anchor Brewing Anchor IPA

Anchor Brewing Company
Anchor IPA
San Francisco, California

For a long time I saw Brooklyn Brewery as the best brewery in America. At least, this was four years ago when I was first trying beers and trying to find a beer style I loved. I still love Brooklyn but these days if someone asked me what my favourite American brewery was, I would answer in a heartbeat, Anchor Brewing.
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REVIEW: Flying Dog Easy IPA

Flying Dog Brewery
Easy IPA
Maryland, USA

Hunter S. Thompson famously said, “Good people drink good beer” and it is a life motto I like to stick by. The reason I mention this is because if features on the side of the Easy IPA by Flying Dog Brewery, a session IPA by the craft beer pioneers. Continue reading

REVIEW: Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

Brooklyn Brewery
East India Pale Ale
Brooklyn, New York, USA

I started this blog with a review of Brooklyn Lager, the beer that properly got me interested in “craft beers” and your non-standard lagers. I’ve been drinking Brooklyn’s East India Pale Ale (EIPA) for a while, most of the time during summer. Though I’ve never had it in can form until now. I’ve made a real conscious effort to drink more canned beers to see if I notice a difference recently.
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REVIEW: Brew By Numbers 05/05 India Pale Ale Simcoe & Chinook

Brew By Numbers
05/05 India Pale Ale Simcoe & Chinook
Bermondsey, London, UK

On a recent what I would call pilgrimage to the Bermondsey beer mile I stopped off at the rather impressive albeit underrated Brew By Numbers brewery and was seriously impressed. The variety of beers Brew By Numbers, often referred to as BBNo offered was incredible and for someone who loves an IPA I went straight for the 05/05 India Pale Ale, Simcoe & Chinook.

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REVIEW: The Kernel India Pale Ale Amarillo

India Pale Ale Amarillo

The Kernel Brewery
Bermondsey, London, UK

The Kernel Brewery has been one I’ve admired from afar for a long time. It was one of the first UK breweries alongside Meantime and Camden Town that grabbed my attention. It is not just me who holds the brewery in such high esteem as Owner and Brewer, Evin O’Riordain, was awarded British Guild of Beer Writers Brewer of the Year 2011.
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REVIEW: Shepheard Neame India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale
Shepherd Neame
Faversham, UK

I’ve had the Shepherd Neame India Pale Ale sat on the shelf in my kitchen for a while waiting for the right time to consume it. I am of the opinion that pale ale is tastier than IPA but I can always appreciate a strong IPA like the Shepherd Neame IPA. The ale is produced by the Shepherd Neame brewery in Faversham and happens to be the oldest brewery in the UK. It was first founded in 1698 and has been family run since 1864. In a time when there are microbreweries popping up every few months it is always important to taste beer that has been crafted for centuries.

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