REVIEW: Cloudwater Brew Co DIPA

Cloudwater Brew Co.
Manchester, UK
Cloudwater Brew Co
The craft beer scene in Manchester is absolutely flourishing at the moment, what with Indy Man Beer Con attracting some of the best UK breweries in the country. There’s a whole heap of breweries in Manchester and the North West making fantastic beers. But the one brewery really making a wave is Cloudwater Brew Co. whose founding members include those who have worked at BrewDog and Marble Brewery! So lots of experience!
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REVIEW: Vocation Brewery Heart & Soul

Vocation Brewery
Heart & Soul Session IPA
Cragg Vale, Yorkshire, UK

Vocation Brewery
If the last few years have been all about breweries like Magic Rock, Pressure Drop, BrewDog, Beavertown and so on the next couple of years will be dominated by the likes of Cloudwater, Northern Monk and Yorkshire’s Vocation Brewery. I’ve had the pleasure of trying the majority of their beers and not one has disappointed, to date.
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REVIEW: Magic Rock Cannonball

Magic Rock Brewing
Huddersfield, UK
Magic Rock

Magic Rock are a brewery I have followed closely for as long as I’ve been obsessed with craft beer. My very first Magic Rock experience was in The Southampton Arms in Kentish Town when I had several pints of Rapture, for something like £3.40 a pint. Ridiculously tasty and moreish I then looked out for the Huddersfield based brewery any time I was in a pub. Working near the Euston Tap and The Queen’s Head in Kings Cross enabled me to continue my love affair with Magic Rock.
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REVIEW: Vocation Brewery Life & Death

Vocation Brewery
Life & Death IPA
Cragg Vale, Yorkshire, UK

Vocation Brewery
Rightly or wrongly, craft beer in the UK is very much associated with London breweries but there’s plenty of craft brewing scenes further afield. None more so than in Yorkshire with the likes of Ilkley, Northern Monk, Magic RockSaltaire and many more including Vocation Brewery. I was recommended the brewery by a friend at work who is from Yorkshire and whilst up in Leeds I picked up a few cans from Tall Boys Beer Market. Somewhere I’d really recommend visiting.
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REVIEW: Wild Beer Madness IPA

The Wild Beer Co
Madness IPA
Somerset, UK
Wild Beer Co

Moor Beer, Bristol Beer Factory, Harbour Brewing. These are just a few of the best breweries from the South West of England. But The Wild Beer Co are up there with one of the best breweries in the UK, let alone the South West. The last beer I tried by Wild Beer included an ingredient that was “live” and changed the taste of the beer as it went on. They’re a brewery that likes to change the rules of brewing and do things a bit differently.
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REVIEW: Brodie’s Dalston Black IPA

Brodie’s Brewery
Dalston Black IPA
Leyton, East London, UK

This has been a long time coming. I’ve spent a couple of years yearning for a pint of Brodie’s but have never seen it in pubs and I’ve never been able to locate it in my usual bottle shop haunts. Brodie’s was formed by husband and wife partnership James and Lizzie Brodie in 2008 after they took on the defunct Sweet William Brewery in Leyton. They run the brewery out of the King William IV pub on the High Road in Leyton.
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REVIEW: Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi IPA

Ska Brewing
Modus Hoperandi IPA
Durango, Colorado, USA

Ska Brewing
Having tried Ska Brewing a few times on draught in some fine London pub’s I was very keen to pick up a couple of cans by the Colorado brewery. Founded in 1995 and inspired by mod, ska and pop culture the beers are high in hops and flavour. Perfect, right?
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REVIEW: Left Hand Brewing Company 400 Pound Monkey IPA

Left Hand Brewing Company
400 Pound Monkey IPA
Colorado, USA

Left Hand
Left Hand Brewing Company all started when Dick Doore (really) started homebrewing after he had received a kit as a present from his brother. He said, “it was all downhill from there.” In 1993 alongside college pal Eric Wallace they founded Left Hand Brewing Company and the rest is history. In their history Left Hand Brewing Company has won multiple awards and continued to push the boundaries when it comes to craft beer.
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REVIEW: Lagunitas IPA

Lagunitas Brewing Company
Lagunitas, California, USA

I often see Lagunitas IPA in bars and pubs across London but rarely have the courage to ask for it because I still don’t know how it is pronounced. So if you’re reading this and you know, tweet me on @KegtoDiffer, thanks! I picked up a bottle of it from Beer Hawk recently and was excited to try it based on my pal Tim Brown saying it’s one of his favourite IPAs. And he has good taste in everything.
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REVIEW: Rule of Thirds IPA

Siren / Magic Rock Brewery / Beavertown
Rule of Thirds IPA
Reading, Huddersfield, London, UK

Magic RockWhat do you get when you mix three ridiculously great breweries and their three IPAs? Rule of Thirds IPA is what. A collaborative brew that spreads the breadth of the country. The idea of mixing three IPAs from three of the best brewing companies in the UK is a beautiful thing.
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