REVIEW: Mikkeller American Dream

American Dream
Copenhagen, Denmark

I recently went to Copenhagen with my girlfriend for a long weekend. A week or so after we got back she said, “The reason you suggested to visit Copenhagen wasn’t just for the beer, was it?” After dragging her to Warpigs, Mikkeller & Friends and the original Mikkeller bar in Vesterbro. Now, I’d always wanted to visit Copenhagen and the added incentive of drinking lots of Mikkeller definitely did persuade me to make the trip.

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REVIEW: Anchor Brewing California Lager

Anchor Brewing Company
California Lager
San Francisco, California, USA

It’s hard to say anything bad about Anchor Brewing. They’ve opened my eyes up to lager, thanks mostly to Anchor Steam. All of their beers are tasty, interesting and they’ve been producing fantastic beer for a long time.
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REVIEW: Flying Dog Underdog

Flying Dog Brewery
Underdog Atlantic Lager
Maryland, USA

Any beer that has an affiliation with Hunter S. Thompson is going to be one I love. Flying Dog has been one of my favourite breweries for a while. Born way back in 1990 by George Stranahan and Richard McIntyre the brewery was actually founded in Colorado. Hunter S. Thomson introduced George to Ralph Steadman who went on to create the artwork for the beers in the early 90s. This is a brewery steeped in glory, history and a name adored by craft beer fans worldwide.
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REVIEW: Camden Town India Hells Lager

Camden Town Brewery
India Hells Lager (IHL)
Camden, London, UK
Camden Town
I have to admit, I don’t drink that much beer by Camden Town Brewery. No idea why because I loved their USA Hells lager during the summer and I’m a big fan of their Hells Lager and Pale Ale. I just don’t tend to drink much of it. However, when I heard back in summer of their India Summer Lager I was massively intrigued.

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REVIEW: Firebrand Graffiti IPA

Firebrand Brewing Co
Graffiti IPA
Cornwall, UK

As I’ve previously mentioned a couple of times Beer52 sent me a box of beers to trial their excellent service. If you would like to receive 8 beers in a box to your door every month then make sure you head over to Beer52 and with KEGTODIFFER10 you’ll get £10 off. Included in my box was Cornwall microbrewery Firebrand Brewing Co and their Graffiti IPA.
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REVIEW: Brutal Brewing Pistonhead Lager

Sweden flagBrutal Brewing
Pistonhead Kustom Lager
Grängesberg, Sweden

Denmark has Mikkeller, Iceland has Einstök, Norway has Nøgne Ø and Sweden has Brutal Brewing, founded in 2011. The brewery is owned by Spendrups, a larger brewery and Brutal Brewing is controlled and operated by employees of Spendrups on a “free time” basis.
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REVIEW: Adnams Dry Hopped Lager

Dry Hopped Lager
Southwold, UK


I’m a huge fan of Adnams, all of their “core” beers are very good and recently they’ve been producing some lovely craft ales. Back in summer I got really into their Mosaic Pale Ale. When I say got into, I purchased a crate of 12 and went through them within a week. Also did a review of that here. I’m not really a big lager fan, Camden Hells aside, however when I saw that Adnams had done a Dry Hopped Lager I thought I should give it a go.

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REVIEW: Meantime Union Lager

Meantime Brewing Company
Union Lager
Greenwich, London, UK

A couple of months ago I purchased a London pick ‘n’ mix case of 15 beers from the lovely people at Ales by Mail and it contained several limited edition beers including the Union Lager by Meantime Brewing Company. Meantime Brewing Company teamed up with Mr. Hyde to create a Vienna style lager.

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REVIEW: Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn Brewery
New York, USA

Starting this blog has been a long time coming and what better what to begin then with one of the finest lagers and most iconic around, the Brooklyn Lager produced by microbrewery Brooklyn Brewery. The brewery was first founded in 1987 (a year before I was born) by Steve Hindy and Tom Potter. It is easily one of the most famous and has obviously influenced several microbreweries across the world.

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