REVIEW: Signature Brew American Pale Ale

Signature Brew
American Pale Ale
Leyton, London, UK

Signature Brew
Signature Brew combine two things, music and beer. A brewery after my own heart. I’ve previously had a few of their musician collaboration brews including one with the lead singer from The Hold Steady. The brewery was founded in 2012 by Sam, Tom and Dave. This beer was sent to me by Beer52 and you can get beers like Signature Brew, plus many others by visiting their site and using KEGTODIFFER10 as you’ll get £10 off.
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REVIEW: Rocky Head Brewery Pale Ale

Rocky Head Brewery
Pale Ale
Southfields, London, UK
Rocky Head
I spent four years in SW18 when I was a student so when I found out about Rocky Head Brewery, based in Southfields (not from Putney or Wimbledon) I had an affinity immediately. The brewery was founded in 2012 by a group of friends inspired by the American craft micro brewing scene. The brewery, fronted by Steve Daniels describe Rocky Head as being “cobbled together” and having a “ramshackle brewery”.
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REVIEW: Arbor S Bomb

S Bomb
Bristol, UK

I ordered a few “must try” breweries from the wonderful beer lords at Ales by Mail recently and one of the breweries included Arbor. Based in the south west of England in Bristol Arbor are a brewery I’ve been desperate to try for ages. Arbor has been in existence since 2007 and as of October 2010 has two pubs in Bristol to its name. Head brewer is Jon Comer and they have around 10 core beers.
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REVIEW: Tiny Rebel The Full Nelson

Tiny Rebel Brewing Co
The Full Nelson
Newport, Wales, UK
Tiny Rebel
Tiny Rebel Brewing Co are a fairly new craft brewery producing some fine interesting beers from Newport in Wales. It all started with home brewing back in 2008 by Brad and Gazz and then in 2012 launched. There is now a lovely Tiny Rebel tap room in called Urban Tap House in Cardiff, so make sure you check that out.

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REVIEW: Adnams Mosaic Pale Ale

Mosaic Pale Ale
Southwold, UK

Adnams are a trusty brewery. They’ve been brewing beers for hundreds of years (reportedly) with the first recorded beer brewed on the Adnams site dating back to 1396, apparently. However, officially the brewery was founded in 1872, so still a long time brewing! If I ever spot Ghost Ship or Broadside in a pub then I know that’s going to be a safe bet. You know what you’re getting with Adnams and that’s what I like.

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REVIEW: Thornbridge Brewery Wild Swan

Thornbridge Brewery
Wild Swan
Bakewell, Derbyshire, UK

The first ever Thornbridge beer went on sale back in 2005 so you could regard them as experts in the field of craft brewing. Interestingly the brewery was founded by BrewDog co-founder Martin Dickie, who left the Derbyshire company in 2007 to go and start BrewDog. The brewery has won over 200 awards since its inception and has a plethora of tasty and interesting beers on its roster.
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REVIEW: Pressure Drop Pale Fire

Pressure Drop Brewing
Pale Fire
Hackney, London, UK

Pressure Drop
Pressure Drop was founded in 2012 and the first ever beer was sold in 2013, so they are a relatively new brewery but one I’m always super impressed with. Originally based in Stoke Newington they’ve recently just moved to a bigger space in Hackney to accommodate for the demand of beers. The brewery was formed by Graham, Sam and Ben and at present they have seven varieties of beer.
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REVIEW: Redchurch Brewery Bethnal Pale Ale

The Redchurch Brewery
Bethnal Pale Ale
Bethnal Green, London, UK

Whilst other breweries such as Beavertown, Camden Town and Kernel pick up the plaudits and rightly so The Redchurch Brewery quietly goes about its business producing some lovely brews. Based in Bethnal Green I first discovered The Redchurch Brewery in Honest Burgers who stock the Bethnal Pale Ale.
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REVIEW: Beavertown Gamma Ray

Beavertown Brewery
Gamma Ray
Hackney, London, UK

A relatively new brewery, Beavertown has exploded into the scene in London with some of the finest beers in the country. Founded in 2011 in Hackney, it’s named Beavertown because centuries ago Hackney was apparently called Beavertown. There are five ‘core’ beers and Gamma Ray is one of the most famous of the five.
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REVIEW: The Five Points Brewing Co Five Points Ale

The Five Points Brewing Company
Five Points Pale
Hackney, London, UK

The Five Points Brewing Company are a relatively new microbrewery based towards Hackney Central station in between Rectory Road and Hackney. They opened this year with three varieties including the Five Points Pale which unsurprisingly is my favourite. Although the porter is really lovely, too. Following a series of opening events down at the brewery Five Points have been slowly building their excellent reputation.
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