REVIEW: Mikkeller American Dream

American Dream
Copenhagen, Denmark

I recently went to Copenhagen with my girlfriend for a long weekend. A week or so after we got back she said, “The reason you suggested to visit Copenhagen wasn’t just for the beer, was it?” After dragging her to Warpigs, Mikkeller & Friends and the original Mikkeller bar in Vesterbro. Now, I’d always wanted to visit Copenhagen and the added incentive of drinking lots of Mikkeller definitely did persuade me to make the trip.

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REVIEW: Adnams Dry Hopped Lager

Dry Hopped Lager
Southwold, UK


I’m a huge fan of Adnams, all of their “core” beers are very good and recently they’ve been producing some lovely craft ales. Back in summer I got really into their Mosaic Pale Ale. When I say got into, I purchased a crate of 12 and went through them within a week. Also did a review of that here. I’m not really a big lager fan, Camden Hells aside, however when I saw that Adnams had done a Dry Hopped Lager I thought I should give it a go.

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REVIEW: Volkan Santorini Blonde

Santorini Blonde
Santorini, Greece


So last year I went to Greece and found two breweries on the island of Santorini and was able to sample them both whilst on the island. However, I was also able to bring back a few bottles in my luggage and Santorini Blonde by microbrewery Volkan was one of them. The other was Red Donkey by Santorini Brewery Company that I previously waxed lyrically about here.
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