REVIEW: Moor Confidence

Moor Beer Co
Somerset, UK

Ahh The Old Fountain. So many nights spent in the glorious pub sandwiched between Old Street, Angel and Shoreditch. It was in The Old Fountain my love affair with Moor began. It was the Nor’Hop. Then it was the So’Hop in the Holborn Whippet and then in my new job the Confidence in The Queen’s Head near Kings Cross Station. Most recently I’ve been drinking Moor Beer in the Euston Tap. Every beer exceptional.
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REVIEW: Tiny Rebel Brewing Cwtch

Tiny Rebel Brewing
Newport, Wales, UK
Tiny Rebel
Months ago I visited my best pal who relocated to Birmingham and tried 2/3 different beers by Tiny Rebel Brewing. From that moment on I was hooked on Tiny Rebel Brewing and Cwtch. Since then I’ve tried to find it various pubs and bottle shops across the UK. I’ve failed every time. However, recently Beer52 asked me to trial their beer delivery service. There are several companies doing craft beer “subscription” services and I’ve heard bad things from each one. However, Beer52 is excellent and for £24 a month you get 8 different amazing craft beers a month.
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REVIEW: Wild Card Brewery Jack of Clubs

Wild Card Brewery
Jack of Clubs
Walthamstow, London, UK

Wild Card Brewery

Walthamstow is the home of many wonderful things, including Eat 17, East 17, Walthamstow Dogs and now one of the best micro breweries in the capital, Wild Card Brewery. I made the trip to E17 and to their industrial estate venue bar a couple of weekends ago and loved their enthusiasm for both beer and E17. It’s made me re-think my N16 status for a life way out in the ‘Stow.

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REVIEW: London Fields Brewery Love Not War

London Fields Brewery
Love Not War Red Ale
Hackney, London, UK

This is my third review of a London Fields Brewery beer following my most recent love affair with their American Black Ale and further back the Shoreditch Triangle IPA. This review continues my interest preference for red ale. Love Not War is London Field’s red ale and it is a treat.
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REVIEW: Meantime Yakima Red

Meantime Brewing Company
Yakima Red
Greenwich, London, UK

I visited the Meantime Brewing Company back in April as a late birthday present and got to meet the infamous “Big Al”. If you’ve been on the tour you’ll know exactly who I’m talking about, if you haven’t been on the tour then you must visit! As it was my birthday Big Al treated me to my favourite Meantime beer, when he asked me I shouted “Yakima Red” to which he said, “YES! Get this man a YAK.” Big Al is in agreement with me that Meantime’s best beer is the Yakima Red.
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REVIEW: The Five Points Brewing Co Hook Island Red

The Five Points Brewing Company
Hook Island Red
Hackney, London, UK

I got very excited last summer when Five Points Brewery, a short walk from Hackney overground station opened and visited on two different brewery open days. Every beer I tried within the brewery was tasty but it was the Hook Island Red that really showed the most promise. I previously said very good things about their pale ale here a few months ago here. But it was the red ale that I fell in love with.

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