REVIEW: The Kernel Imperial Brown Stout

The Kernel Brewery
Imperial Brown Stout London 1856
Bermondsey, London, UK

Kernel Brewery
The Kernel Brewery is one of the reasons I’m now obsessed by craft beer. They put me on to a variety of beers and one of the first reviews I did on this blog was of their Amarillo IPA here. They make a huge, huge range of different beers and I’d fully recommend you go along to the beer mile and pop in the brewery to check out what they’re up to.
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REVIEW: Redchurch Brewery Hoxton Stout

Redchurch Brewery
Hoxton Stout
Bethnal Green, London, UK


I’ve tried a couple of beers by east London’s Redchurch Brewery and they’ve all been excellent. I’m a regular drinker of their pale ale as my favourite burger joint, Honest Burgers always stocks them. They have a great core range of beers and included in my London Ales by Mail order was the Hoxton Stout.

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REVIEW: Redchurch Brewery Bethnal Pale Ale

The Redchurch Brewery
Bethnal Pale Ale
Bethnal Green, London, UK

Whilst other breweries such as Beavertown, Camden Town and Kernel pick up the plaudits and rightly so The Redchurch Brewery quietly goes about its business producing some lovely brews. Based in Bethnal Green I first discovered The Redchurch Brewery in Honest Burgers who stock the Bethnal Pale Ale.
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