REVIEW: Pressure Drop & BrewDog Syd Strong’s

Pressure Drop & BrewDog
Syd Strong’s
Hackney, England & Aberdeen, Scotland

Pressure Drop
When two of your favourite breweries decide to put their heads together and make a collaborative brew it’s a pretty exciting prospect. I saw Instagram photos a few months back of the BrewDog and Pressure Drop team getting together to make Syd Strong’s as part of CollabFest 2014 and here it is.
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REVIEW: Sambrook’s Battersea Rye

Sambrook’s Brewery
Battersea Rye
Battersea, London, UK

Sambrook’s make a couple of really solid ales that I always go for in pubs but I recently discovered their Battersea Rye and got excited. My all-time favourite beer from the London craft beer revolution, my go-to beer and the one beer when asked if I could only drink one beer for the rest of my life is Beavertown’s 8-Ball Rye IPA. It really opened my eyes to different types of beer and specially rye beer.
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REVIEW: Beavertown 8 Ball

Beavertown Brewery
8 Ball Rye IPA
Hackney, London, UK

Beavertown 8-Ball

Founded in 2011 in Hackney, it’s named Beavertown because centuries ago Hackney was apparently called Beavertown. I previously gave Gamma Ray a glowing review here, with an overall of 5, probably one of the highest reviews thus far. How would the Rye IPA compare? Pretty fucking well.

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