REVIEW: To Øl Yeastus Christus

DenmarkTo Øl
Yeastus Christus
Copenhagen, Denmark

To OlKnowing that I was about go on a trip to Copenhagen I picked up a bottle by Danish gypsy breweries To Øl from Clapton Craft. How do you go about choosing a beer from a brewery unknown to you? Simply pick it based on the design of the bottle. Just to clarify, a gypsy brewery is one that doesn’t have a “stable” home and by that I mean they rely on other breweries for equipment and space.
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REVIEW: BrewDog Magic Rock Stone Brewing Co Magic Stone Dog

us-uk-flagBrewDog / Magic Rock / Stone Brewing Co
Magic Stone Dog
Aberdeen, Scotland / Huddersfield, England / California, USA

Magic Rock

Stone Brewery
Collaboration beers are pretty exciting especially when it involves my favourite UK brewery Magic Rock and stalwarts of the craft brewery scene BrewDog and Stone Brewing Co. Magic Stone Dog is a saison pale ale hybrid beer by three of the best and biggest breweries in the world.

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REVIEW: Wild Beer Evolver

The Wild Beer Co
Evolver IPA
Somerset, UK

Wild Beer Co
The Wild Beer Co are a craft beer company that are based in Somerset and have over 15 different beers. They were first founded in October 2012 and the really unique selling point about Wild Beer is that they do things a little bit differently. So one of the core beers is called ‘Cool As A Cucumber’ and is a 2.9% cucumber and mint brew. Pretty ace.
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