REVIEW: Harbour Brewing Co Session IPA

Harbour Brewing Co 
Session IPA
Cornwall, UK
Harbour Brewing Co

I remember the first time I sampled a Harbour Brewing beer, it was in the trusty Old Fountain tucked away near the Old Street roundabout. The God’s honest truth? I purchased a pale ale on cask because it was the cheapest beer I could get at a decent ABV (6%). That first sip was a beautiful moment. As you’d expect I was back for more after that.
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REVIEW: Flying Dog Easy IPA

Flying Dog Brewery
Easy IPA
Maryland, USA

Hunter S. Thompson famously said, “Good people drink good beer” and it is a life motto I like to stick by. The reason I mention this is because if features on the side of the Easy IPA by Flying Dog Brewery, a session IPA by the craft beer pioneers. Continue reading

REVIEW: Firebrand Graffiti IPA

Firebrand Brewing Co
Graffiti IPA
Cornwall, UK

As I’ve previously mentioned a couple of times Beer52 sent me a box of beers to trial their excellent service. If you would like to receive 8 beers in a box to your door every month then make sure you head over to Beer52 and with KEGTODIFFER10 you’ll get £10 off. Included in my box was Cornwall microbrewery Firebrand Brewing Co and their Graffiti IPA.
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