REVIEW: Cloudwater Brew Co DIPA

Cloudwater Brew Co.
Manchester, UK
Cloudwater Brew Co
The craft beer scene in Manchester is absolutely flourishing at the moment, what with Indy Man Beer Con attracting some of the best UK breweries in the country. There’s a whole heap of breweries in Manchester and the North West making fantastic beers. But the one brewery really making a wave is Cloudwater Brew Co. whose founding members include those who have worked at BrewDog and Marble Brewery! So lots of experience!
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REVIEW: Magic Rock High Wire Grapefruit

Magic Rock Brewing 
Grapefruit Pale Ale
Huddersfield, UK

Magic Rock
Magic Rock are one of the best breweries in the UK. Fact. Their Cannonball, an IPA is a special beer that some might say is the best readily available IPA produced on these shores. I waxed lyrically about the beer very recently. High Wire, their pale ale is also, you guessed it, one of the best in the UK. How would a grapefruit inspired pale fare?
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REVIEW: Wild Beer Madness IPA

The Wild Beer Co
Madness IPA
Somerset, UK
Wild Beer Co

Moor Beer, Bristol Beer Factory, Harbour Brewing. These are just a few of the best breweries from the South West of England. But The Wild Beer Co are up there with one of the best breweries in the UK, let alone the South West. The last beer I tried by Wild Beer included an ingredient that was “live” and changed the taste of the beer as it went on. They’re a brewery that likes to change the rules of brewing and do things a bit differently.
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REVIEW: Harbour Brewing Co Session IPA

Harbour Brewing Co 
Session IPA
Cornwall, UK
Harbour Brewing Co

I remember the first time I sampled a Harbour Brewing beer, it was in the trusty Old Fountain tucked away near the Old Street roundabout. The God’s honest truth? I purchased a pale ale on cask because it was the cheapest beer I could get at a decent ABV (6%). That first sip was a beautiful moment. As you’d expect I was back for more after that.
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REVIEW: Partizan Brewing Pretty Pale Ale

Partizan Brewing
Pretty Pale Ale
Bermondsey, London, UK

I’ve been down to the Partizan Brewery three times now and every time I’m in awe of the quality of production by the Bermondsey brewery. Everything they do is great. I particularly love their use of American hops and I think their pale ales are some of the best in the UK (possibly the world).
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REVIEW: Camden Town USA Hells

Camden Town Brewery
USA Hells
Camden, London, UK

Camden Town
It came as quite a surprise to me that this was my first review of a Camden Town Brewery beer. I’ve been drinking their beers for a couple of years now and think they’re a strong brand. I particularly like the Camden Wit and Camden Pale Ale and for someone who dislikes “lager” I actually quite like the Camden Hells.
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REVIEW: Tiny Rebel The Full Nelson

Tiny Rebel Brewing Co
The Full Nelson
Newport, Wales, UK
Tiny Rebel
Tiny Rebel Brewing Co are a fairly new craft brewery producing some fine interesting beers from Newport in Wales. It all started with home brewing back in 2008 by Brad and Gazz and then in 2012 launched. There is now a lovely Tiny Rebel tap room in called Urban Tap House in Cardiff, so make sure you check that out.

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REVIEW: Brains Barry Island IPA

Brains Craft Brewery (Brains Brewery)
Barry Island IPA
Cardiff, Wales

Brains Craft Brewery
Brains is a big deal in Wales, owning over 250 pubs and was first founded back in 1882 and it sponsors Welsh rugby team the Crusaders. Brains Craft Brewery is their craft brewing element of the business that was first started in 2012. Where as Brains make more “traditional” ales the craft brewery produces some more interesting brews.
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REVIEW: Magic Rock / Lervig Farmhouse IPA

norwayMagic Rock Brewing Co. / Lervig
Farmhouse IPA
Huddersfield, UK & Stavanger, Norway

Magic Rock Brewing Co. are a small-ish microbrewery producing some of the finest craft beer in the UK at the moment in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. They recently won the Perfect Pint #WorldSup final and are easily one of my favourite breweries in the UK right now. Most people will be familiar with their core range of beers such as High Wire, Rapture, Ringmaster and Cannonball. I’ve tried those four beers and never ever been disappointed. So I got incredibly excited when I spotted this collaboration beer with Norwegian microbrewery Lervig on Ales by Mail.
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REVIEW: Adnams Mosaic Pale Ale

Mosaic Pale Ale
Southwold, UK

Adnams are a trusty brewery. They’ve been brewing beers for hundreds of years (reportedly) with the first recorded beer brewed on the Adnams site dating back to 1396, apparently. However, officially the brewery was founded in 1872, so still a long time brewing! If I ever spot Ghost Ship or Broadside in a pub then I know that’s going to be a safe bet. You know what you’re getting with Adnams and that’s what I like.

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