REVIEW: Pressure Drop Freimann’s Dunkelweiss

Pressure Drop
Freimann’s Dunkelweiss
Hackney, London, UK

Pressure Drop
I’ve previously got excited about Pressure Drop on this blog by stating that Pale Fire and Stokey Brown are 4 out 5 beers, check the links. Pressure Drop are really expanding their efforts at the moment and they recently did a takeover in new London craft beer pub called The Hop & Berry┬áin Islington. I embarrassed myself on that night by telling the guys from Pressure Drop they’re my favourites.
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REVIEW: Bear Hug Brewing Hibernation IPA

Bear Hug Brewery
Hibernation IPA
Peckham, London, UK

Bear hug
South East has a lot to be thankful for in terms of craft beer. Hell if it wasn’t for Bermondsey and the south of London who knows what the London craft beer scene would be like. Bear Hug Brewery are a fairly new outfit, this might be incorrect but I believe they were founded in 2014. Bear Hug was founded by 4 guys with a shared passion and love for beer but also with a desire to save the rainforest.
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