REVIEW: Doom Bar

Doom Bar
Sharp’s Brewery
Cornwall, UK

I’ve drunk litres of Doom Bar. In fact I often rate a pub highly if they have Doom Bar on draught. I could write a separate post about how sick I am of the options on some pubs and when the only “ale” to drink is John Smith’s or Greene King. However, if I spot the Doom Bar logo I can drink five or six pints with ease.

Doom Bar is incredibly easy to drink and is produced by Sharp’s Brewery which is based in Cornwall – Rock to be precise. It has been going since 1994 and Doom Bar is to Sharp’s Brewery is what Lionel Messi is to Barcelona, invaluable. In fact 90% of its money is made from Doom Bar. Doom Bar is billed as a bitter however I find it slightly sweeter than most bitters. It is incredibly delicate and soothing to drink and even after five or six pints I’m still going back for more. Always a sign of a good beer. It is dark in colour and one of the rare beers that I enjoy at room temperature.

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The design and bottle of Doom Bar is very basic, but the beer speaks for itself. It is easily one of the best “mainstream” beers out there. I am yet to encounter a fellow ale drinker to disregard Doom Bar as a bad tipple. If you are out there let me know. Doom Bar can be found in many pubs across the UK and I’ve spotted the bottles in several shops including Waitrose, Tesco and Morrisons.

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So here are the scores:

Taste: 5
Design: 3
Bottle Top: 2


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