REVIEW: Siren Craft Brew Soundwave

Siren Craft Brew
Soundwave IPA
Berkshire, UK

Siren Craft Brew are a relatively new brewery from Berkshire, just outside of London. The brewery was founded by Darron Anley in 2012 and in 2013 Siren Craft Brew started bottling their beers. There are four core beers that Siren regularly produce including Soundwave but also Undercurrent, Liquid Mistress and Broken Dream. I first experienced Siren from Clapton Craft when I purchased a growler of their Undercurrent pale ale, it was delicious.

That experience of Undercurrent piqued my interest in Siren and I recently picked up a couple of bottles of Soundwave from Ales by Mail. It’s a West Coast IPA and is golden and extremely hoppy. It’s full of big fruity flavours and is influenced by California’s nectar hops. It’s one of the most hoppy British IPA’s I’ve had, which for me is fantastic. I’m of the opinion, the more hops the better.

It is a beautiful dark amber colour that has a strong sweet smell of mango and peach. As soon as you begin pouring Soundwave IPA you can begin to smell the sweetness of the fruits. Along with being incredibly hoppy it’s one of the fruity smelling beers I’ve ever had. That sweetness from the fruit is combined with a slight dry and bitter end. I’m a big fan of this beer, it has got that wow factor I’ve come to expect from craft breweries in the UK.



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