REVIEW: Moncada Brewery Notting Hill Amber

Moncada Brewery
Notting Hill Amber
West London, UK

Moncada Brewery
This may be a generalisation but MOST microbreweries in London are either based in east or south London but west London is popping up with some great beer. I’ve previously loved everything Weird Beard have produced and now my new brewery love is Moncada Brewery. Based in W10 around the Kensal area they have a core range of 5 beers including the Notting Hill Amber.

When I put the Notting Hill Amber under my nose I immediately thought it had an IPA type smell to it, quite a hoppy aroma. Considering my love for IPA this definitely isn’t a criticism and then when I tasted what I thought would be a standard amber ale it was very hoppy. It reminds me of a cross between a light IPA and a red beer like Yakima by Meantime.

It has a lovely hoppy flavour but has a bitter finish, which you’d expect from an amber ale. I’d never tried anything before by Moncada Brewery but this Notting Hill Amber is one of my favourite ambers I’ve ever tasted so I’ll be seeking out more beers by the west London brewery.



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