REVIEW: Partizan Brewing Porter

Partizan Brewing
Bermondsey, London, UK

There’s certain breweries I’ve not really covered on my blog despite really loving them and Partizan would definitely fit into that category. The only beer I’ve put words against on here is the X-Ale when I’ve loved so many pale ales and IPAs by them over the years. Having got a taste for a Porter in recent months I picked up their Porter from Clapton Craft a while back.

I love a Porter and in recent months I’ve really shown my love for Porters on the blog. I would say that my favourite is Anspach & Hobday‘s Porter closely followed by Smog Rocket by Beavertown. I’ve had a couple of Porters I wasn’t really into and I think unfortunately the Partizan porter falls in to that category. It has a great smell and pours a really thick black liquid with a lovely foam head.

I think that’s where my pleasantries stop. It’s quite possible that my particular Partizan Porter was off, I mean that can happen, right? I just couldn’t get paste the overwhelming taste of smoke. Like the taste of being around a smoker who blows smoke in your direction and you inhale it. It leaves you gagging a little bit. That’s probably an overreaction as I was able to drink the majority of the bottle, but emphasis on majority. I RARELY ever leave beer. I love Partizan and I love a Porter but this just didn’t work for me.



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