REVIEW: BrewDog 5am Saint

5am Saint
Aberdeen, Scotland

My first blog post about BrewDog happens to be about one of my favourite beers, the 5am Saint. Available in most shops now, thankfully and in the various BrewDog bars across the country the 5am Saint is an amber ale.

In terms of BrewDog the 5am Saint is a classic ale of theirs, a trademark of BrewDog and one that always tastes great. In bottle and on draught it is a delightful hoppy taste with just enough bite with every mouthful. It’s incredibly addictive and has a pretty distinctive smell that is reminiscent of liquorice. It’s quite dark in colour, being on the border of a red ale.

At 5% it is no light ale but tastes beautifully rich and smooth. It’s a taste that lasts in your mouth for a long time, too. It’s a fantastic take on the red ale and a refreshing pint. Lots has been said about the branding of BrewDog, but I really like their brash marketing tactics and think the logo and names of the beers are awesome. Fuck the haters.

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@brewdogofficial maybe my favourite #brewdog #ale

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Overall, it is a brilliant run brewery producing tasty, tasty beers.



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