REVIEW: Beavertown Lemon Phantom

Beavertown Brewery
Lemon Phantom Lemon Infused Berliner Weisse
Tottenham, London, UK

A few weeks ago I visited the Beavertown Brewery for the first time and fell in love with some new beers by the brewery founded by Logan Plant. These beers were completely out of my norm for beers. When it comes to Beavertown I stay safe and stick with Gamma Ray or 8 Ball. But this time I was feeling like experiment and went with a couple of sour beers. A beer type I’m not completely sold on. Yet.

So when I popped in to my favourite beer shop Clapton Craft I picked up a can of the lemon infused Berliner Weisse, the Lemon Phantom. The beer pours a really cloudy colour, as if it was a cloudy lemonade with a flight foam head on it. It has a sour, bitter and unsurprisingly lemon aroma to it.

The main thing I found about sour beers is that they’re very easy to drink. As if they have no alcohol contents at all. They’re like a refreshing change to heavy hitting hoppy pale and IPAs. I was expecting more of a wheat beer flavour but you really get the lemon flavour. It has quite a dry finish. I find anything that Beavertown does particularly awesome and this beer is no different! Considering the sour beer style isn’t something I go for regularly it is the type of beer I’d definitely drink more of and buy in the future.



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