REVIEW: Pressure Drop Stokey Brown

Pressure Drop
Stokey Brown
Hackney, London

Pressure Drop
I’ve waxed lyrical about Pressure Drop to friends, family and just about everyone I know. I think following a couple of pints of Bosko recently I said something like, “Pressure Drop are producing the best beers in London. Fact.” Now more sober, I stand by that statement. They’ve got a core range of seven beers that are all very different but incredible. That takes some going.

Brown ale is on the up and alongside porters and my favourite at the moment black IPA’s are very popular with beer drinkers. Just go and try the Stokey Brown and you’ll see exactly why there is such a demand for brown ales like this. The Stokey Brown has that lovely caramel and coffee aroma to it but also contains all the hops that you’d expect from an IPA. It’s a smooth taste but contains just the right amount of bitterness and sweetness to make it an exceptional beer.

I love everything about this beer from the name (I live in Stoke Newington), the branding (it’s the street I live on) and of course the incredible depth of flavour that it provides. Stokey Brown was brewed for the first time back when Pressure Drop were based in a tiny unit in Stoke Newington. This a beer that I never, ever get bored of drinking. It is the beer I buy for people as a present and if I ever see it when I’m out it’s always one I recommend to fellow beer lovers.

If you’ve not tried it yet then what are you waiting for?



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