REVIEW: Weird Beard Holy Hoppin’ Hell

Weird Beard Brew Co
Holy Hoppin’ Hell Double IPA
West London, UK
I love Weird Beard and never been disappointed by the couple of beers I’ve tried by them so far. I’ve previously had their American IPA, called Five O’Clock Shadow which I absolutely loved and reviewed here. So, when the London beer mix I purchased from Ales by Mail included a Double IPA titled Holy Hoppin’ Hell arrived I was chuffed (UNDERSTATEMENT).

When I’m in a pub and see a double IPA my brain goes two ways, firstly, “OMG A DOUBLE IPA. THAT’S LIKE A NORMAL IPA BUT TWICE AS GOOD.” But then part of me says, “FUCK! 10%! And a pint is £7!!!” So I usually comprise and do the sensible thing, which is to order a half. Weird Beard have been making a few batches of this beer and I believe the one I had was batch number three and at 9.6%, it’s one hell of a beer! Incredibly dark with a bit of foam on the top that has SO much aroma coming off it.

It includes all the best hops, the big boys like Amarillo, Cascade, Simcoe, Columbus and Centenial. Now, I know that when I see those hops included in a beer it’s going to be a fucking great beer. I wasn’t wrong. This Double IPA is one of the most moreish beers I’ve had in a long time. The flavour is incredibly rich full of fruits but has a bitterness to it as well. If only my body and wallet could allow me to live on Double IPA, most specifically the Holy Hoppin’ Hell Double IPA.



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